Professional Help to Fight Addiction with Art Therapy

Life isn’t fair or easy. Sometimes circumstances put us in unfavorable situations, and it’s times like these when drugs and alcohol can “befriend” us. Then, before we know it, we’re hooked. If you or someone you know has an addiction problem, effective drug rehab is the answer. Many methods are used in treatment, including remarkable alternative modalities such as art therapy.

What is Art Therapy?

The road to recovery isn’t the easiest road to travel, so keeping an open mind is important. Art therapy is a treatment option that’s perhaps unconventional to most. Through art therapy, those struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction can channel their inner creativity and gain a sharp focus like they haven’t known since their addiction began. Whether the person is very artistic or has never held a paintbrush, this rehab treatment can be extremely helpful in the overall recovery process. Art Rehabilitation Therapy can channel their inner creativity and gain a sharp focus like they haven’t known since their addiction began.

One of the keys is the ability to re-train one’s mind. Keeping the mind away from the usual triggers will help to keep the addiction away. When participating in art therapy, individuals can choose from a wide range of projects like painting, sketching, pottery and jewelry-making, just to name a few.

It’s during this time centered around the art activity that individuals begin to concentrate on something besides their addiction, maybe for the first time. Honing in on this concentration will lead to a focus like they’ve never known and enable them to take the next step to achieving recovery.


Art therapy is a newer concept in the world of rehab where it serves as an alternate approach to a common issue that has faced many Americans for decades. The treatment of utilizing the arts not only increases focus, but also provides an alternative to fill the addict’s time. Instead of turning to alcohol and/or drugs when emotions take a roller coaster ride, people can look to their new hobby of painting and center themselves around a new art project.

By allowing themselves to give in to the appeal of art, individuals can immerse themselves in a worthwhile and positive activity while also fulfilling their addictive personality component. Some people don’t realize the nature of how addicts’ minds work and have a hard time fully understanding the passion addicts have for their drug of choice. In order to find a treatment that will fully rehabilitate them, they must find a healthy outlet for this quality.


As evidenced in a recent Department of Defense article , art therapy is on the rise as an effective and popular way to go in terms of drug rehab . One of the hurdles along the road to recovery is the emotional ties that bind. Research suggests that rehab activities that include this form of therapy connects the mind, body and emotions all at one time.

This engaging connection fosters an increase in the ability to reconcile emotional conflicts, discover personal growth and achieve a state of self-awareness. All of these results lead to a more successful rehab and recovery.

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Admitting the addiction is the first step. Why not make the next step finding out all the ways professional programs can help? Combining this form of treatment with others can enhance the process of healing. Addiction is real and the most effective way to overcome it is with professional help.

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