Starting Recovery

The first step in overcoming addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, is admitting that you need help. But that’s also the hardest step to take. However, when you’ve made that first crucial step toward recovery and entered a rehab treatment facility, you’ve embarked on a journey that will give your life back to you.

Rehab treatment recovery outcomes are best when administered by a professional facility that specializes in overcoming addiction to one or more substances. Included in the rehab treatment plan at quality facilities is a regimen of massage therapy. Although this may seem an unnecessary luxury, massage therapy can help rid the body of some of the harmful side effects of addiction, and massage can help to speed recovery.

Massage Therapy and Rehab

All of our life’s experiences, both good and bad, are stored in our tissues. Many people never work to rid their bodies of the harmful effects of their lifestyles and their bodies age and deteriorate faster because of it. Massage manipulates the soft tissues in the body and enables the tissues to rid themselves of the toxins that are stored there. Physical improvement is a critical step in rehab and recovery.

Many people resort to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with their lives and many feel that they are unloved or unlovable. During massage therapy, the therapist is focused solely on the client and his or her needs. This sometimes precipitates an emotional response such as crying, which is completely normal. Many people volunteer during massage therapy that they seldom, if ever, have anyone care for or nurture them and they really appreciate it.

By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, massage has been shown to increase circulation, decrease blood pressure, increase the efficiency of the lymph system, and alleviate pain. The lymph system is responsible for removing metabolic waste that accumulates in our bodies as a result of our daily bodily functions.

Drugs and alcohol can inhibit the adequate function of the immune system and the lymph system while contributing significant toxins to both systems. This leaves the body full of toxins that would normally have been removed. Massage therapy can help remove the physical and emotional toxins that have been stored in the body.

Successful Transition

Professional rehab is the most effective treatment for addiction, whether you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol. It provides the structure and support necessary for a successful transition away from addiction. Let Chiron Recovery Center help you get started on the road to recovery. We can start your treatment plan immediately. Call us.