Motivational Enhancement Therapy Model

Drug addiction is a very serious, complex, and intense illness plaguing individuals. Drug addiction may experienced as intense and uncontrollable drug cravings, along with drug seeking behavior that’s compulsive and persists despite negative consequences. Drug addiction often goes untreated and is a continuing growing epidemic.

Effective Treatment Can Stop Addiction

Due to the complex nature of drug addiction, recovery isn’t a simple process. The principles behind effective treatment and recovery are based on the following:

  • All individuals are unique and thus therapy and treatment should be tailored to meet the multiple needs of the individual. In addition to drug addiction, an individual’s (potentially) associated psychosocial, medical, vocational, social, and legal problems also need to be addressed.
  • Remaining in drug rehab and therapy for an adequate among of time is crucial for the process of abstaining from drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Medication is an important component to the recovery process, in conjunction with therapy and counseling.
  • Medically assisted detoxification is the initial step that must be taken in the recovery process. Professional drug rehab provides a safe environment in which detoxification is closely monitored by medical professionals.
  • Addiction is often also associated with co-occurring mental illness(es), and both should be addressed in therapy.
  • Any (potential) drug use needs to be closely monitored continuously
  • Recovery is often a long-term process and multiple rounds of treatment may be necessary.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

In addition to professional drug rehab, Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a counseling approach that has shown great effectiveness among individuals who may be ambivalent to enter into treatment and stop their drug use. Eliciting self-motivating statements is often employed by counseling professionals, along with motivational interviewing. Individuals work with counseling professionals to discuss and develop coping skills and strategies that are positive and healthy.

Throughout the process, a counseling professional monitors any changes, discusses effective cessation strategies, and encourages commitment to change and personal growth. Individuals are often encouraged to bring significant others or family members to their sessions.

Drug addiction is a complex illness that often goes untreated. In order to address this growing epidemic, Professional drug rehab treatment is the most effective method of overcoming your drug or alcohol addiction. Let Chiron Recovery Center help get you started on the road to recovery. Call us today.