Many people experience equal parts of hope and fear as they leave an addiction treatment program. No matter how committed they are to recovery, there’s always the fear that a craving will get the better of them. Fortunately, there are a number of things people can do to solidify their commitment to sobriety after rehab. One of these is yoga therapy.

Therapy Options in Rehab

Addictions take many forms, and so do the methods of treatment that lead to recovery. Yoga therapy has been extraordinarily useful to people in rehab and those who are recently out of treatment. Yoga’s focus on control and a calm, peaceful mind are often just what the recovering addict needs to fight cravings, depression and many of the triggers that used to lead to substance abuse.

Yoga therapy is an emotional journey on many levels as participants at a drug rehab center go through each session. They’ll find that their bodies, minds and spirits are stretched to the limit. Muscles grow stronger and more flexible, just as the mind does. Yoga therapy participants may find themselves confronting some of the issues that induced their substance abuse problems, which can lead to a sense of healing.

More About Yoga Therapy and How It Helps Heal Addiction

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. It’s been gaining popularity all over the world ever since. Although many people associate the practice with physical poses, yoga actually encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Practitioners regularly focus on following ethical principles, surrendering to a higher power, and striving for clarity and cleanliness.

Yoga provides a useful means for dealing with stress and anxiety. It’s a healthy alternative to substance abuse and comfort eating. Many people emerge from a yoga class feeling calm, centered and stronger than before.

Any good addiction recovery program offers participants many therapy options. Yoga therapy is quickly becoming one of the most effective and popular approaches. Even studies published by the National Institutes of Health indicate that this therapy has a broad range of applications for people suffering from mental, emotional and physical trauma.

Yoga therapy is a practice that a person going through addiction recovery can easily continue after leaving a drug rehab treatment facility. In fact, daily practice is an important part of recovery. As the practitioner’s efforts at the body and mind control that are inherent parts of yoga improve, it’s likely that their ability to remain in recovery will also improve.

Treatment in a professional rehab center such as Chiron Recovery Center is an essential part of overcoming addiction issues. Contact us today and left your addiction problems in the past.