My name is Charlotte. My husband, Terry, is currently in your 28-day program at the Chiron Recovery Center.

I want to start by saying how wonderful a staff you have and I do mean your entire staff.

When I reached out to Anthony in regard to my husband, I was in such a mess. So worried about my husband and little does he know, he helped and coached me to doing and saying what was needed to get my husband the help he needs. Not only was his words helpful, but he was honest and very much caring. And to have that from a perfect stranger was absolutely awesome. He never gave up on my husband getting him into recovery and he was all so patient with me. Always assisting and answering any questions I had. And even in a moment of sadness and nonsupport from family and friends, he was an ear and provided heart warming feedback. And I so very much appreciate that.

Nicole, Terry’s therapist, Just awesome. She provided insight on whatever I needed and if she could not get back to me right away, she made sure she did get back to me. She provided information on sessions, meetings and other information of guidance that I was not aware of. And to hear the sound in my husband’s voice a week after being there put so much ease in my spirit because I then and now hear a great strength in him. Even the meetings that I attend that she suggested are helping me to not only understand but it will help me continue to help my husband in his journey.

Michael even the receptionist were so gracious and cordial. I am not sure what you are doing, but you keep right on doing it, because you have a staff of truly caring and wonderful people. I am so very proud that I reached out to you to help my husband.

Thank you all so very much and if you would, I would appreciate it if you would extend my Overwhelming Gratitude and Thanks to all that participated in my husband’s first step to recovery. Not only just at Chiron Recovery but also to Lumiere Detox as well.

I look forward to visiting you after the first of the year as Terry and I plan to visit you all.

Have and Wonderful and Joyous Holiday Season, I sure will and it’s partially because of you all.