Utilizing the Florida model of substance abuse treatment we are able to provide drug free residency to clients, ensuring a safe haven for you or your loved one to recover from addiction’s devastating grip. Our drug free residency also instills the life-skills clients will need upon transitioning back into society without alcohol and drugs.

As we have learned over the years, alcohol and drug addiction is a paralyzing disease that treats every individual differently. Responding to its unique nature, our treatment programs take a client-centered approach, not a “one size fits all” model like many other drug rehab facilities.

Chiron provides multiple client-centered addiction programs with heavy focus on each individual and their families these programs include Mental Health And Substance Abuse Treatment Centers as well as Detoxification And Substance Abuse Treatment. Start your road to recovery with a program specifically tailored to your unique battle with addiction and leave with a relapse prevention and long-term recovery plan and benefit from Substance Abuse Treatment and Drug/Alcohol Treatment. We have Rehabilitation Options for all types of Substance Abuse. Start making progress with our Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center.

Our addiction specialists will work with you on utilizing your insurance policy, travel arrangements, outstanding legal issues, family members throughout treatment, etc. to ensure you have a seamless transition into and out of treatment. We can get you started as soon as today!

Full Continuum of Care – At Chiron, men, women and adolescents suffering from drug or alcohol addiction receive treatment within one, seamless and comprehensive continuum of care model.

Gentle, Healing Atmosphere – Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an abusive disease that takes its toll on the body, mind, and emotions of the addict. Typically, by the time one is ready to take stock of the damages and do something to arrest the disease, there is residual damage to physical health, brain functioning, and psycho-social well-being.

Multidisciplinary Treatment – Our multi-disciplinary approach honors the diversity of people and personalities who struggle with addiction. Every person we treat is a distinct individual who arrives at Chiron with a unique combination of characteristics involving race, culture, creed, life position, life history, drug of choice, and using style.

Recovery for the Entire Family –When someone sinks into the depths of addiction they often take their family members with them. So, by the time they arrive at Chiron, their entire family is mired in the pain and chaos of their disease. Every person we treat is a distinct individual who arrives at Chiron with a unique combination…

Relapse Prevention– Chiron’s full continuum of care model, individualized treatment approach, and core recovery program, allows us to develop strong ties with our clients and their families. When clients are ready to leave treatment, we draw from this relationship to provide them with a truly personalized aftercare plan. Designed to support sustained recovery and relapse prevention, the aftercare plan is an integral part of the recovery process.

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