Contrary to what many people believe, addiction is a mental illness. People suffering from addiction have lost the power of choice, and the best way for them to recover is through rehabilitation treatment.

Overcoming addiction isn’t as easy as vowing to not use again. There are a number of factors that can complicate any rehab effort. One of them is a co-occurring disorder. Seek Top rated Dual diagnosis Treatment Center. Once complete seek an outpatient dual diagnosis treatment center for additional treatment.

The vast majority of patients suffering from drug or alcohol addiction enter treatment with some psychiatric and psychological challenges present. The key to long-term success in recovery is treating the co-occurring disorder simultaneously with the addiction. In this fashion, Chiron Recovery Center works tirelessly to diagnose and treat conditions that either preceded the addiction or developed during the time an addict was using.

Their substance abuse has evolved into something that has not only damaged their brain, but there are often other mental health issues that accompany addiction symptoms. Mental health disorders are one of the leading causes of why people become addicted in the first place, and those who have mental health disorders must seek the help of a reputable treatment center that provides dual diagnosis treatment methods.

When the psychiatric profile of a patient is fully realized, successfully treated, and effectively neutralized, recovery from addiction then becomes possible. For clients who fit this profile, our head psychiatrist and team of therapists work to ensure that our clients stay accountable to psychiatric and altruistic matters, while pursuing a comprehensive program of recovery for the disease of addiction.

A dual diagnosis can include disorders such as:

  • Depression
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • And Many Others

Mental Health and Addiction – Dual Diagnosis

Millions of people have some type of mental illness, and many don’t even realize it. Mental illness can develop at any time from when people are in their teenage years to when they’re adults. The symptoms of mental illness can often lead to substance abuse because these individuals are scared, confused and embarrassed. Young people are more likely to turn to substance abuse to deal with their mental health issues because of a variety of different reasons like:

  • Fear of being judged by friends
  • Fear of what their parents may think
  • Lack of knowledge about mental illness
  • Drugs and alcohol provide a temporary relief

While the disease of addiction encompasses these elements, and mimics their nature in the lives of alcoholics and addicts pursuing a life of sobriety, there can also be a biological chemical imbalance within the brain of an addict which needs to be addressed. Chiron Recovery Center employs sophisticated diagnostic and treatment techniques in order to gain a full picture of the profile of each client, thereby individualizing specific treatment plans that set up our clients for success in sobriety and in life.

For anyone suffering from symptoms of mental illness, substance abuse can seem like the easiest answer. The problem is that eventually the substance abuse turns into an addiction, and the mind will crave drugs or alcohol whenever the person has certain feelings or emotions.

Once a patient has developed an issue with substance abuse, it’s important that the detox process be completed before going forward with the rest of the treatment program. The detox process should always be completed under medical supervision and the appropriate mental health counselor because various health complications can arise.

While the body is going through the detox process, patients can experience an elevated heart rate and blood pressure. A medically supervised detox is always recommended for these reasons. The detox and treatment center will monitor the patient’s condition and provide medication or alternative holistic methods to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Recovery

Once the detoxification process is complete, recovery can begin. It’s important that the detox process is completed first, because withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can often present false symptoms of a dual diagnosis. If it turns out that the patient does truly have a dual diagnosis, then the treatment provider can educate and provide different means of managing the symptoms.

Dual diagnosis patients seeking treatment for addiction and substance abuse problems require a treatment program that’s designed to meet all of their needs. If you’re suffering from a drug addiction or substance abuse problem, you deserve the best care possible to help you end your addiction. Specialized treatment and substance abuse counseling equips you with the personal skills and tools you need to overcome an addiction, and allows you to take the first steps on the road to recovery.

Call Chiron Recovery Center today to learn more. Don’t let your addiction control your life any longer.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-occurring disorders are also known as a dual diagnosis, which means the person has an addiction as well as some type of mental disorder. Some of the most common types of co-occurring disorders include:

When people come into treatment with signs of having co-occurring disorders, the facility must first put them through the detox process to see if they have a dual diagnosis. Long-term drug and alcohol abuse can often make people experience symptoms of having co-occurring disorders, but they sometimes go away once these individuals go through detox. After detox is complete, they’ll go through a psychological evaluation to see if they have a dual diagnosis.

Treating a dual diagnosis is of the utmost importance because recovery from addiction is about finding a better way to live. Much like addiction, having a dual diagnosis is something that people can’t control. The chemical imbalances in their brains make it virtually impossible for them to experience a truly happy life.

If you have a dual diagnosis, it’s even more important that you continue to follow up with a rehab center so the facility can ensure that they’re doing well. This will give you the best chances of staying sober for years to come while enjoying life to the fullest extent.

Don’t let addiction win. Call Chiron Recovery Center today and begin a new life without drugs tomorrow.