Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

In a word: yes! Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), going to a quality drug and alcohol rehab can be accomplished with coverage from a Cigna health insurance policy. The degree of coverage, however, will depend on your policy.

Avoid the High Costs of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Typical costs for drug and alcohol rehab centers are much higher than what most people can afford. While a rehab center is just what is needed for many people, the very cost prohibits them from getting the necessary care. While financial help is available through the government, the amount of help given is limited.

Cigna Health Insurance Covers Most Costs

The Cigna insurance company has been providing health insurance since 1792, although under different names. It provides coverage to people in 30 different countries and has more than 86 million customers. It offers various policies to cover detox, rehab centers, and mental health issues that may also be associated with it. These come under different aspects of your Cigna health insurance policy and are not the same thing.

Treatment Needed Depends on Extent of Need

As you might expect, the type of treatment you need at a drug and alcohol rehab center depends on the severity of your addiction. For less severe cases, outpatient therapy is most likely all that is necessary. More severe cases will require services, and will require living at the center for a period of one to six weeks during your treatment.

Receiving proper treatment from professionals at a drug and alcohol rehab center is very important to ensure that the right help and counsel are given. Coping tools are also taught that can help direct the future life of the individual, too. Having the right rehab, along with a Cigna health insurance policy, can make the difference between success and failure.

Qualified Rehab Centers Provide Better Services

It needs to be remembered that better services and better centers can provide better results. Of course, it’s really up to individuals as to what they will make of any program or programs.

Don’t let addiction control your life any longer. You can overcome your addiction by going to a quality drug and alcohol rehab that works with Cigna health insurance. Contact Chiron Recovery Center and we’ll help you get started on the path to recovery.