Chiron is a pioneer in drug and alcohol treatment. We are one of the only substance abuse rehab centers in the state of Florida that offers addicts comprehensive care, treatment and other programming that works together so those who are in treatment can experience a full continuum of care. This philosophy of client care emphasizes stability and consistency in which treatment staff works with clients in every step of their recovery journey. Our innovative adult addiction treatment program includes the following components:

  • Medical Detoxification Services—the medical detoxification process serves three important purposes in the recovery process. First, medical detox helps stabilize the addicted person and rid their bodies of the toxins they have built up after long periods of substance abuse. Secondly, the detox process helps minimize the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be potentially life threatening once an addict stops their drug and alcohol use. Thirdly, detoxification is needed in order for clients to smoothly transition into more intensive drug treatment. Chiron partners with many detox facilities to ensure your detox experience is as comfortable as possible, prior to coming to Chiron for the 30-45 day minimum PHP, IOP, and OP program.
  • Transitional Livingpeople who are new in recovery can feel unease in leaving the safety and structure of drug rehab and returning to the normal lives once they complete drug treatment. Continued support and encouragement is needed in order to make that transition less stressful on the client. Chiron partners with upscale living facilities to offer our clients transitional living programs such as halfway houses and other sober living arrangements that can gradually ease the client back into the day-to-day routines while keeping their recovery at the forefront. These sober living residences are supervised by experienced staff and clients are able to continue to attend 12 Step meetings and other self-help groups while look for employment, housing and other services.
  • Aftercare Programs—along with transitional living, Chiron also offers clients a myriad of aftercare programs that will continue to help them build the necessary life and coping skills that are needed to sustain a healthier recovery-based lifestyle. These outpatient-based programs feature group and one-on-one counseling with experienced staff and focus on relapse prevention, anger management, and the management of symptoms associated with post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) and other important recovery-related issues.
  • Family Program–for the family of a loved one who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, understanding both the disease aspect of addiction and how it affects both the addict and those closest to the addict can be a formidable challenge. Oftentimes, family members do not know how to communicate how addiction has affected them, and they try to ignore the problem for fear of confrontation.

In addition to these services, Chiron encourages the families of addicts to participate in the treatment and recovery process through specially-designed family programs. These family programs help family members understand their roles in a loved one’s addiction and they learn effective methods of communication and boundary setting. Chiron also offers a unique alumni program, in which previous graduates of Chiron adult addiction treatment program can act as mentors to those have just completed drug treatment. Ultimately, all of these services and programs are seen as complementary pieces that address the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of addiction and help clients become confident in their new found sobriety.

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