Drug addicts are often highly functional members of society who hold down steady jobs and are raising families. But it’s only a matter of time before a substance catches up with you and takes away everything that’s important to you.

Some individuals justify their drug and alcohol abuse due to the stress they’re under or grief they’re dealing with. People who have a hard time dealing with life on life’s terms are much more likely to turn to drug and alcohol abuse, but this is only a temporary solution to the problem. Eventually, drug and alcohol abuse escalates to an addiction in which people are unable to control their drinking or drug use.

Substance abuse begins to train the brain into wanting the effect of the substances whenever the person is triggered. Their triggers may be emotions, situations, people, places or other situations. The brain then makes the person crave their substance of choice as if it were necessary for their survival, but this is just a delusion of the disease of addiction.

Clearly, you need help. And effective outpatient treatment could be just what you need to live a better life for you and for your family.

Finding Help at an Outpatient Program

Outpatient addiction treatment is one of the best ways to overcome your addiction and begin a new life. Through an outpatient program, you’ll be able to continue living at home, working and going to school while you go to outpatient addiction detox and therapy. For those who feel that their living situation is one of the primary causes of their substance abuse, you can choose to live at a sober living home while you’re going through the outpatient program.

Part of outpatient addiction treatment is learning to understand the disease of addiction. The outpatient program will teach you that you’re suffering from a powerful mental illness, and this is why you lost the power of choice when it comes to mind-altering substances. The knowledge you gain through outpatient addiction treatment will begin to create your foundation of recovery.

Chiron Recovery Center’s outpatient program has a staff of trained professionals who are passionate about helping people get sober and stay sober. We’ll provide you with the building blocks you need to live a happier life and maintain your sobriety for years to come. Call us today.