According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, dozens of drugs are commonly abused throughout the United States. Although many people think drugs like marijuana are harmless, for someone who is afflicted with the disease of addiction, this is merely a gateway drug to much more dangerous substances. Addiction is a disease of the mind that can be passed along genetically, and there are many other risk factors associated with addiction.

What is Addiction?

You may have wondered what constitutes an addict. There are many misconceptions about what makes an addict. Addicts don’t have to be homeless, they don’t need to have an arrest record for drug- and alcohol-related crimes and they don’t need to have hit some sort of rock bottom.
Addiction occurs when people have lost the power of choice when it comes to drugs or alcohol. They may turn to substances whenever they have feelings of stress, fear, anger or sadness, or they may simply use because their cravings are overwhelming. No matter what their situation is, effective addiction treatment is the best way to recover.

Going to a Quality Rehab with a Partial Hospitalization Program

One of the many forms of addiction treatment is a partial hospitalization program. There are many mental and physical side effects that come along with long-term drug or alcohol abuse, which leads to symptoms of withdrawal as well as other health issues. In an outpatient partial hospitalization program, addicts get the medical care that they need while they begin the program of recovery. Outpatient addiction treatment at a rehab facility such as Chiron Recovery Center means that patients come and go for treatment, so the partial hospitalization program will supply them with medications that they can take home.

An outpatient partial hospitalization program is ideal for young people as well as those with lesser forms of addiction or those who need to continue working while they go to the outpatient program. They will receive addiction treatment at the rehab facility on a regular basis for several hours a day. Through the rehab program, individuals will learn about the disease of addiction, and they’ll also be given tools to manage whatever has been triggering their cravings.

At a reputable rehab center, you will be given the opportunity to have a second chance at life. Not only will you be given recovery tools to help you with your addiction, but you’ll be provided with a new design for living. What you learn in treatment will help you be a better friend, parent, family member and co-worker, and you can use these tools for the rest of your life.

A partial hospitalization program may be the right choice for you. Call Chiron Recovery Center today and let’s discuss how to get you on the road to a life without addiction.